The Renewal Workshop

Branding a New Industry: Up-Cycled Apparel

Renewal Company
The Renewal Workshop used our detailed brand style guide to create their own packaging designs.


The Renewal Workshop team came to us with a brilliant idea: partner with the world’s best-loved apparel brands to transform their unsellable and returned inventory into Renewed Apparel.

Having just acquired their facility, they were in need of a solid brand and website to launch their company, convey their value proposition to consumers, and establish themselves as the leaders of an entirely new industry.

The Strategy

We needed to devise a way for The Renewal Workshop brand to extend into every aspect of their business. The brand has to co-exist with disparate original manufacturer’s brands on their renewed apparel, and work on everything from packaging to buttons.

We collaborated with The Renewal Workshop team to describe the new industry they were launching, their role in inventing it, and the heartfelt values that define their brand.

Rw Logo Tag Large

Primary logo

Crest Logo

Renewal Workshop crest

Icon Pattern

Renewal Workshop pattern

Screen Shot 2016 11 29 At 9 07 52 Am

Sewn patches on the inside of clothing

Renewal Workshop

Hang tags on the products

A Brand That Lives in Many Places

The Renewal Workshop was able to use our brand style guide to extend the brand into multiple pieces of branded print and packaging collateral.

Rw Mag Set
Rw Mag Close 2
Rw Mag Close 1
Rw Site Screen

Cosmic helped us distill our complex mission and vision into a beautiful, unique, and extendable brand identity system. We continue to benefit from the results as our brand scales and iterates, and it's been invaluable to have a solid brand powering our core marketing and communications with our community.

Jeff denby

Jeff Denby

Founder, The Renewal Workshop