Stanford History Education Group

Rebranding Stanford's Effort to Improve Education

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The Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) is comprised of Stanford University faculty, staff, graduate students, post-docs, and visiting scholars whose work influences over 4 million educators and their students.

Their current work focuses on how young people evaluate online content. With their new emphasis on digital literacy, SHEG came to us looking for a brand refresh that conveyed their transition to a more modern mission and approach.

A Rebrand

We set out to acknowledge that research has moved from analog books to digital resources. Their previous branding felt cluttered and one of our goals was to simplify their brand to make it iconic and immediately recognizable.

Sheg Color Variations
Sheg Stacked
Sheg Embossed

We took our inspiration from SHEG’s efforts to teach people how to discern the truth and have factual discussions in the digital age. This approach lead to a brand that communicates that learning is crossing into the digital realm, and away from traditional books. The book to digital transition is conveyed quickly with a left to right flow that mimics how people read.

We simplified the typography, allowing it to be scanned by the eye and understood without the need to pause and read the lengthy name of the group.

Brand Extension

We knew that there were many use cases for brand extension—online, at events, on published materials, and more. We ensured that the brand would be recognizable and easy to extend across all mediums.

Sheg Mag
Sheg Instagram
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