Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco

An Online Portal for Clergy and Parishioners

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Greek Orthodox Metropolis Of San Francisco

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco oversees 67 parishes in the western region of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

The Greek Orthodox Church has historically used iconography and tilework in their imagery. We used these elements as inspiration for the look and feel of the site. In order to integrate the extensive content, we started from scratch to categorize the content types and place them in easily understood ‘buckets’.

Greek Full Set

Formerly a separate repository site, we created a place on the new site for curious visitors to learn about the faith.

Parishes Across Seven States

This portion of the site is designed as an interactive tool for parishioners who have recently moved to the western region. An interactive map and a list of locations serves to guide them to the nearest parish.

Greek Parishes

Ministries of the Metropolis

A simple system of ‘cards’ helps visitors quickly learn about and find ministries, many of which are active across multiple parishes.

Greek Ministries2

"Make it like Sunshine"

When we asked His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos what he wanted from the website, he said, “Make it like sunshine.” We leveraged the faith’s vibrant imagery, symbolism, and tile motifs to infuse light into the site.

Greek Orthodox Elements