Fort Ord Reuse Authority

Presenting the Progress and Potential of Fort Ord

Fort Ord Dunes State Park


When Fort Ord closed in 1997, it left a multi-million dollar hole in the Monterey Bay economy.

Strategy First

We first held a workshop with the FORA team to understand their unique challenges when it comes to continuing a long-term initiative in an ever-changing economic and political landscape. The resulting strategy document outlined their marketing challenges, goals, insights and recommendations that they could implement immediately.

Then Action

One of our recommendations was to use video to tell the story of the Fort Ord recovery—how far along the process is and the unrealized potential outlined in the Reuse Plan.

Video has the power to grab someone’s attention and inspire them to learn more. By using a combination of interviews with regional leaders, beautiful shots of the region, and shots of new housing, businesses, the new university, recreation opportunities, and new projects, we were able to convey what’s been done, and what the future of the region could look like. It was built around the “Three E’s” that are central to the recovery—Education, the Economy, and the Environment.

The video has been used by FORA as a powerful tool to get the public and new regional stakeholders involved in and excited about the the Reuse Plan.