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The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, a long-time client of ours came back to us in order to revamp their Annual Report. The goal was to redesign both print and web versions of the report, helping them stay current and reinforcing their mission of being a world leader in advanced research and education in ocean science and technology.

MBARI Refresh Homepage

MBARI 2018 Annual Report Homepage

UI/UX Design,

Information Architecture

Designing a Flexible Framework

The website not only needed to be updated with new content and imagery, but MBARI also needed a brand new section that they were very excited about, showcasing new species. We upgraded the Content Management System (CMS) to make it easy to update content and upload new photos and videos to this new species section as well as individual articles.

Marketing Website

An Immersive Experience

In its 32+ year history, MBARI has discovered hundreds of new species in the Monterey Bay. We designed a new section on the annual report page showcasing many of the species it's discovered since the last annual report was published. The user can hover over each species to learn a little more about them, or click into a pop up to view a video or additional imagery.

Full Stack Development

Improved Foundations

We also updated the infrastructure of the site to serve content faster and more reliably. This allows MBARI to efficiently compose articles and featured stories in a flexible way. Each of the articles require formatting and assets; pictures, graphics, videos, slideshows, pull quotes, and more. The result is a robust annual report with a vast collection of diverse and engaging stories.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Featured Articles

MBARI Annual Report 2018 Interior Pages

Art Direction

The Print Companion

Not all of MBARI’s stakeholders that need access to the annual report prefer digital. We continue to make a print version of the annual report each year that is a shorter summary of what is available online. The two versions are complementary to each other and provide MBARI new and creative ways of showcasing their accomplishments digitally while maintaining the traditional printed form.

MBARI Annual Report New Species Section

The book is printed on recycled paper and it’s smaller near square format gives it that tactile coffee table book feel. Content within the book directs readers to the site, for a more full experience.

MBARI Refresh Print
MBARI book cover
MBARI interior


We are always excited that we get the chance to work with MBARI. Right in our backyard, the Monterey Bay, they are making astounding discoveries and performing important work in ocean science locally and around the globe.

Providing a printed annual report as well as a digital experience, where users can dive deeper and discover more, further strengthens MBARI's position as a modern, forward-thinking organization. Communication is important to them, and we were happy to work with them again to make this possible.

Websites & Digital Products

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  • Information Architecture
  • Full Stack Development

Photo & Video Production

  • Art Direction